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Competition parts

Competition lubricants and fuels

Team GVR use and recommend top selling U. S. brand 76 & R lubricants & fuels.
These products exceed the technical specification recommended by Porsche and are competitively priced against leading U. K. brands.

Brake fluid:
R 600+ Racing Brake Fluid
R 600+ Racing Brake Fluid

The R 600+ Racing Brake Fluid is specifically designed for extreme temperature brake
and clutch applications. Developed for carbon brake disk applications this high
temperature hydraulic fluid will provide you with a 'rock' hard pedal for ultimate brake
feel. It is also extremely kind to all types of rubber seals and has proven excellent in
high temperature mid-engine clutch operations.

Engine oils:
76 NASCAR Synthetic Oils
76 NASCAR Synthetic Engine Oils
SAE10W-30 and SAE20W-50

The 76 NASCAR Synthetic oils can be used in any ?modern? high performance or race engine application and provides outstanding low temperature properties to assure oil pumpability and faster engine starting at extremely low ambient temperatures, at the same time as it provides unbeatable protection at extreme high operating temperatures.

76 NASCAR High Performance Oils
76 NASCAR High Performance Engine Oils
SAE10W-30, SAE10W-40 and SAE20W-50

The 76 NASCAR High Performance engine oils are specially suited for sports and racing cars with 'older' type of engine design. Whether used in a race application or in a high performance road car it will give you excellent protection against engine sludge, varnish protection, scuffing and wear combined with a consistent oil pressure even under 'abnormal' oil-temperatures.

76 Pure Synthetic Oil
76 Pure Synthetic Engine Oil

An all-purpose, all year 100% fully synthetic PolyAlphaOlefin engine oil that is specially developed for modern engines. It is fully approved by Porsche, BMW, Mercedes and VW/Audi for use under warranty. Ideal to use in engines with extended drain intervals. It is fortified with 76?s NASCAR race proven additive package developed to protect engines under severe driving conditions and today?s demanding stop-and-go traffic. Turbo tested.

Racing fuels:

R Racing Fuels
R M+ (100RON, 89MON, 2.6% oxygen)

The R M+ is an unleaded racing fuel specially designed to provide maximum performance within the current MSA regulations for pump fuel. Compared to normal Super Unleaded the R M+ has the advantage of having exactly the same specification every time for maximum performance from the race engine. It will also provide better knock (detonation) protection and also allow more advance spark timing. The high oxygen content of 2.6% of this fuel provides increased power, especially in air restricted engines. Proven to increase power in cars, bikes and kart race engines. Every batch is extensively tested to ensure maximum quality and complete conformity.
Used by many front running and championship winning teams & drivers in the U. K.

R Racing Fuels
R F (101RON, 90MON, 1.5% oxygen)

The R F conforms to the current FIA Appendix J regulation for petrol. Blended in the U. K. utilising 76 racing fuel components and additional petrochemical additives. The R F is designed for the team that wants a low cost, but high octane FIA racing fuel without compromising on quality and conformity.
R F is the official fuel for the British F3 and GT Championships.


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